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Real Brides

Erin & Emilio

Erin & Emilio
Erin & Emilio's fall wedding was nothing short of spectacular! Their intimate vow exchanges were held at Gurney's Inn and Resort in Montauk, New York - followed by a vibrant celebration of food and dancing!  Continue reading

Meredith & Anderson

Meredith & Anderson
Meredith & Anderson were married in beautiful Sea Island, Georgia. Their suite is shown on bone white paper with rounded corners, silver thermography printing, and finished with our signature crab motif. We love the simple elegance of this island wedding suite. Continue reading

Maggie & Tony

Maggie & Tony
Maggie & Tony's chic winter wedding took place in New York City. Their suite is shown on Tiffany French Fold Classic Crest Text Weight Paper in Black ink with Metallic Gold drawn deer. Engraved Classic Crest A7 Embossed Snowflake Rehearsal Dinner in Black ink.




Continue reading

Katy & Andrew

Katy & Andrew
Working with Katy & Andrew was such a pleasure! The wedding suite was completed with a hand drawn illustration of their family farm - where they happened to tie the knot! We couldn't be more pleased to be part of their special day - and we wish them many years of love & happiness! Continue reading
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