Custom Artwork

Kate Pickett, the owner and artist, loves commissions for weddings.  From maps of the area to the church, venue, or even illustrating your menu, her style is pen and ink drawing with attention to detail.  She can create custom monograms too.  Visit our custom page to see how some of our commissions have turned from art into printing.

Full Design & Planning

We will manage everything from the theme of your wedding, to planning what you will need, to guest management, stamping, stuffing, mailing and calligraphy.  Please ask us and we are happy to accommodate whatever you need to make this often daunting process easier!

Art Direction

Kate’s classic training and true love for illustration resonates with a modern audience. With wit, smarts and authenticity, Kate’s drawing combines old school tradition with inherent luxury. Sophisticated and whimsical, her designs are relevant and translatable, and intrinsically sweet and charming so that they can be and should be commercialized and monetized.


Pickett’s Press is known for its great taste and unparalleled quality, which is why we are often referred to as the finest full service stationer in America.  We provide a personal experience from the first consultation to final delivery. You will work closely with a wedding design consultant to guide you through our full range of options. The end result is a design of stationery that expertly captures your style.

Complete Customization

Pickett’s Press offers what we call “complete customization”- we have a full line of tissue liners, and over 200 pantone colors of ink in stock. We have over 100 fonts and over 100 hand drawn motifs to add to your design. We print letterpress borders in any of our pantone colors to coordinate with the color printing of your name and design. We offer many types of cotton papers- 5 shades of white/cream and 3 thicknesses of each for our letterpress. Our pieces are customizable in a highly individualized way with no extra cost- no other printer or design studio allows the client to be an integral part of the design process.

Highly customized pieces at no additional cost

Our clients are an integral part of the design process