Letterpress & Engraving

Letterpress and engraving are custom, hand crafted, and thus expensive processes.

We want each client to have an integral part of the design so their product is something they could only have found at Pickett’s Press.

Kate Pickett, the owner and artist, personally designed each piece of stationery and illustrated by hand every monogram and motif in the Original Letterpress Collections. As the library has grown, we have added a team of dedicated designers and illustrators who continue the vision of unique and proprietary drawings in the sophisticated, detailed and whimsical style of Pickett’s Press.

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Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is a craft – lovingly practiced by artisans. At Pickett’s Press, each piece of paper is hand-fed through an antique letterpress printer, which allows for the unique look and character of our products. It is a meticulous, finicky, and slow process, but the result is a thing of beauty. And this is why even though letterpress is the oldest form of printing available; we are thrilled to continue the tradition for people who value paper and printing.

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Engraving Process

This printing process has long been noted as being one of the most exquisite ways to translate an image onto paper. The engraving process is an extremely elegant and noteworthy way to send a special message. Engravings are entirely bespoke and each piece of paper is fed by hand through the machine.

A unique copper plate is forged with the desired image or print. This process is conducted with unmatched precision and care. The plate is inserted into an early 20th century, engraving press to prepare for printmaking. Each sheet paper is fed through the press by hand. The press makes an impression by applying hundreds of pounds of pressure to the paper over the copper plate. Ink is also applied during this pressurization process. The result is an ultimately elegant piece of print to share with.

Cotton paper is typically used because of the extreme amount of pressure applied during the process would split and deteriorate most other paper types would split and deteriorate under such conditions.

The ink is completely opaque and quite thick which lends itself well to the use of lighter color inks on dark paper without changing the color or hue of the print. Choosing multiple ink colors is possible however requires creating an additional copper plate for each color and running each card through the press a second or third time to individually apply each respective color.

Art & Illustration

All of Pickett’s Press designs are drawn by hand, with pen and ink.

We do not use tablets or computer programs, preferring the unforgiving honesty of pen to paper. Bespoke, hand-rendered and personalized, Kate Pickett’s hand is honest, pure and a rare reflection of simplicity and sophistication.

Kate was Classically trained at the Student Art League of New York, and in private classes with the founder of the Children’s Art League of New York. She continued studying Studio Art at Harvard, as a minor with Art History as her major. At a young age, her work was recognized for it’s commercial appeal, when she was commissioned to create bespoke designs for the American Folk art museum gift shop.

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Kate’s classic training and true love for illustration resonates with a modern audience. With wit, smarts and authenticity, Kate’s drawing combines old school tradition with inherent luxury. Sophisticated and whimsical, her designs are relevant and translatable, and intrinsically sweet and charming so that they can be and should be commercialized and monetized.

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Kate’s style becomes her art.  Through her understated elegance and appreciation of luxury in an attractive way, she has consistently earned her reputation as a trusted taste-maker. Kate’s favorite places to travel continue to inspire her art- whether it’s of her childhood in New York City and Palm Beach, with summers on the Maine Coast, to her favorite family vacation spot in Lyford Cay, to her annual trips to St Barth’s and Paris, she is constantly on the fore of confident style. Never over the top, her discerning clientele trusts her recommendations and designs.  This trust in good taste is understood by others, as is the elegant simple and real sophistication of the brand.

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Complete Customization

At Pickett’s Press, we love working with people on unique designs and motifs in unusual colors.

Pickett’s Press offers complete customization of stationery- we have a full line of tissue liners, and over 200 pantone colors of ink in stock. We have over 100 fonts and over 100 hand drawn motifs to add to your design. We print letterpress borders on social stationery in any of our pantone colors to coordinate with the color printing of your name and design. We offer many types of cotton papers- 5 shades of white/cream and 3 thicknesses of each for our letterpress. Our pieces are customizable in a highly individualized way with no extra cost- no other printer or design studio allows the client to be an integral part of the design process.

With us, you can pick a card already designed, or use our books as inspiration to switch colors, fonts, sizes, motifs and arrangements to create something completely unique at the cost of a pre-designed template from other high end printers.